The Largest Horse Rug Cleaning company in North West England
The Largest Horse Rug Cleaningcompany in North West England

Nikwax Rug Wash 

  • Soap based cleaner for all horse rugs 
  • The gentle action of rug wash lifts the dirt and revitalises all water repellent finishes.


Nikwax Rug Proof

  • Water-based reproofing for all canvas, synthetic and cotton lined or unlined horse rugs 

Here at Rug 'N' Ready we only use the best products for our horses so its only right that we use the best for yours too. Nikwax is proven by far to be the best rug wash soap and reproofer and we don't cut corners by using the cheaper soap. Nikwax enables your rugs to be throughly cleaned from all allergens and toxins whilst removing the maximum amount of dirt from your rugs. It is recommended by manufacturers and restores your rug to almost new!


Air Dried

All rugs are air-dried following manufacturers guidelines. They are turned on our 22 lines on a daily basis to minimise damp spots and maximise drying. 

By shying away from the use of commercial driers we prolong the life of your rugs and give you great value for money!



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New for 2023

We are working with local courier companies to collect rugs out of our 60 mile radius just for you! 

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