The Largest Horse Rug Cleaning company in North West England
The Largest Horse Rug Cleaningcompany in North West England

About us

We are John and Jess, we are a daddy and daughter duo that took over the expansion of Rug 'N' Ready 12 years ago.  Rug 'N' Ready is an established and thriving horse rug cleaning company.  We have become this successful by promptly and tentatively listening to YOU our loyal customers.

    We have listened and the changes we have made are the difference between ourselves and our competitors.  YOU... dont have time to drop your rugs off.  YOU... dont have money to keep buying brand new rugs.  YOU... want a hassle free transition period starting from your rug being mucky and returned sparkly clean and most of all YOU... want to deal with real people.  NO call waiting, NO endless emails, NO we will forward you to that department!


So we came up with this plan.... you speak to John (daddy) or you speak to Jess (daughter).


It really is true, its just us 2 waiting to help YOU...  Umbelievable huh!!

The Duo 


John Mitchell


John is one half of Rug 'N' Ready who has built the business up from modest beginnings which started as an investment from a beer fund.  He has led Rug 'N' Ready from humble beginnings to be a giant in the regional horse world due to its                                            growing prescence at horse shows and equestrian                                                                  competitions.

Phone: 07816 765474


Jess Beesley


Jess is the other half of Rug 'N' Ready and when her dads other business came to an end suggested they promoted the business on facebook.  With her IT skills Jess has created 6'000 followers on facebook and currently has a client list of over 2500 customers.  She currently also runs the rug sales department.


Phone: 07816 765474

Facebook: Rug 'N' Ready/Jessica Jane Beesley



We are located at:  Lumb Slack

Lumb Slack Farm


Burnley Road East







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If you have any queries please contact us:

Telephone: 07816 765474




New for 2023

We are working with local courier companies to collect rugs out of our 60 mile radius just for you! 

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